Import MIDI Into Hookpad

Hey there guys,

I love your software, but I like writing melodies in my own DAW because of it’s ability to use samples/synths and also I don’t experience any MIDI latency. It would be amazing to import a melody into Hookpad as a MIDI and then use it to work out chord progressions. I know this is a pretty specific request, but man would it be handy.



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Yes. And make it available for free users, too.

There’s a (buggy) export function, but no import. Yet. Here’s to hoping that Hookpad 2.0 will have better importing and exporting.

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I’m adding this recent email to this thread. From user Julius

It would be so nice to import my own chord progression made with my DAW. And then start to make melodies with Hooktheory. Any chance that you have this feature in the future? It may sound marginal but I think there are quite many of us who would use this kind of a feature. All the zillions of rhythmical changes are too slow to do with Hooktheory but when the chords and rhythm is in place it would be nice to make melodies on top of that with the Hooktheory. And just crossed to my mind, magik chord feature is really nice, how about a melody generator?

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It looks like there is MIDI melody import, but not MIDI chord progression import.
I’m looking to import progressions from my DAW and use Hookpad’s features for making variations and trying new keys/modes etc.

This would be extremely useful and I wouldn’t think overly difficult to add, but seeing this request is almost 7 years old is kinda depressing.

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