Import ChordPro

I routinely use Hookpad to sketch out songs that we use for worship at our church. We typically use Chord Sheets in that context, so I was wondering if Hookpad could offer a feature to import a chord sheet using the standardized ChordPro format?

Of course, chord sheets do not include rhythmic information, but even just extracting the chords and placing them one per bar would be a helpful way to jump start it. If it were to create song section markers as well would be super helpful too.

Thanks so much for your great product.

Thanks for the suggestion! Importing the chords themselves wouldn’t be an issue (we would probably hook into the Chord Lookup framework), but the issue I see here is figuring out what the timing of the chords should be. Also, right now our lyrics are linked up to melody notes, so we don’t have a great way of showing them in the absence of notes. That’s one feature that we’ve been brainstorming how to improve though, so this may eventually be possible