Implementing 32nd Notes would be a very important addition to Hookpad

I have used and contributed on Theorytab for over two years now and I have seen so many limitations of 16th notes being the shortest note value.

Many songs use trills or Grace notes, or normal fast 32nd note melodies that are impossible to transcribe. Sure you can double the tempo but the max tempo available is 300.

It wouldn’t also be too small to move and edit around with. You can see here with the tab below that has (glitched) 32nd notes


It appears large enough in Hookpad and Theorytab too.

So in conclusion adding 32nd notes is beneficial as it allows more accurate transcriptions and its still easy to edit around with. Not to mention how it can be useful on your own songs too!


Alternative: allow meters to have a beat unit of 2, effectively doubling the piano roll resolution while keeping the same BPM, the same way 6/8 time is emulated by using 3 as the beat unit (although technically this requires 8 beats per measure…?)

Yes, that’s an interesting thought. I also have an idea of having an option to play instrument patterns double or half the speed, I just never had time to implement this. Perhaps this would help, too.

I know that 32nd notes are sometimes important, but we have to find a really great way to deal with them. Anyway, I put it on our list of things to discuss.



also tempo to convert (approximate really) 4/4 to 6/8 and vice versa would be handy (66% & 150%)


So you’d like to take a pattern from 6/8 and play it in the right tempo in a 4/4 song? Did I get that right?

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