Illegible chord symbols

Chords of a short duration that have embellishments (like sus4) are illegible - the font size is too small. See for an example (also an example of a theorytab where the arbitrary restrictions on characters in titles are a problem).

Workarounds include: removing the embellishments (makes the tab less accurate, or outright wrong) or making the chords longer (reduces the available detail - the harmonic rhythm in the Sigala example is totally different from the melodic rhythm, so the chord duration is important and cannot be changed).

Please fix this somehow. For example: chord symbols are allowed to encroach into rests on either side (first Ebmaj7sus2 chord in the Sigala example), or the chord symbol expands to a legible size when the mouse is hovered over it/when tapped on a tablet device.


The workaround I use is to decrease the number of measures in each line, usually by half. Theorytab will stretch out the line to fill the allotted space, essentially zooming in and making the chord names more legible.

@jtullis, I agree - I think this is the best workaround at the moment.

I recently finished the hooktheory books and notice this same issue 8 years later when I try to look at songs on the theorytab database.

Has anybody found a workaround for this same issue there?