Ignore percussion while importing melody

MIDI import should ignore anything on channel 10 if Hookpad 2 doesn’t plan to allow custom percussion tracks.

Good idea, thanks @HertzDevil. At various points, we have discussed custom percussion tracks, although need to flesh out some of our ideas.

It would be really nice if I could just import percussion MIDI. We would not even need to be able to edit it. That could be done in ezdrummer or similar before importing. I love the Hookpad for building melodies, but generally write the drum track first and then add the CP and melody. This makes it difficult to say the least.

Maybe there’s a better way I just haven’t found.

@Heavyrider, out of curiosity, are you interested in also having your specific drum patch that you’re working with, or would Hookpad’s drum patches suffice?

Would another option work where you import an audio file of your drum track that is then synced to the Hookpad timeline? In some ways this is easier, since it’s likely that the midi drum file you would import wouldn’t always map correctly to Hookpad’s drum samples to preserve your track.

Ryan, thanks for the quick response. There is nothing magic about the drum patch as long as I can get the hookpad patch to replicate the track.

Your suggestion of importing a syncable audio file is very viable for what I do. Is this possible to do now?

Hookpad does technically have the capability of playing external audio files, although we don’t have a user interface for this, because we weren’t sure how useful this feature would be, and it would require some way to upload files and sync the timings. Originally we were thinking that users might be interested in uploading vocal tracks and use Hookpad to create harmonizations/backing tracks, but never really fleshed out the idea.

Separately, we did just build in framework for Hookpad to read midi files for drums, but this was not intended to be a user-facing feature… it was built simply as an easy way for us to add new drum rhythms more efficiently (and to add micro-timings). The challenge with making this an official feature is thinking about how how users would interact with this custom track (i’m guessing many would want some UI to edit it, or at least to move it around to control when it starts playing, and selecting which drum patch is playing the rhythm, etc). There are also always smaller less interesting things we need to consider, like accounting for time signature changes.

I do really like hearing the different ways that users use Hookpad, and brainstorming ways to make it a more useful tool for you all. One thing we could consider is a special “experimental tools” menu, that could provide some basic functionality for some of these features with the understanding that some features may have some rough edges.

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Experimental tools sounds like an interesting idea.

Hi Ryan ! it will be very cool to implement those features:

  • playing external audio files
    -read midi files for drums (and ,or ability to edit even a simple drums midi editor)
  • the "experimental tools " menu could be awesome


Can we expect the implementatation of theses features soon


@themotorizzer these items on our list, but are not our highest priority items at the moment, so I can’t promise when we’ll get to it. I think of the ideas mentioned above, syncing an audio file seems to have the broadest impact based on user requests, since this would also allow the syncing of vocals or other external tracks that could be used to stem ideas in Hookpad.

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Syncing an audio file could be awesome of course. it s a criticalt ability for me since i want to make melodies for very syncopated beats ,i need a way to load or “program” my own beats in hookpad.
when can we expect this sync function?

thanks for all hookpad is awesome…