If I buy the Kindle version will it work in Kindle APPS on other OS?

Basically summed up in title

If I buy the Kindle version will it work in Kindle APPS on Iphone PC etc…

I would love to have it in my Kindle library but I do not use Kindle hardware. All my music books are in kindle.


I can see in the amazon store that the only compatible devices are the kindle fires that I no longer have…

Why wouldn’t we be able to load it into our kindle library to view on other devices through the kindle apps?

For a 15 dollar ebook that is only 100 or so pages, this seems a bit restrictive.

I am still considering the web version but if I decide not to buy it, it is because of this restrictive nature of the product.

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, I am very drawn to the product… I’m just offering honest feedback

@cakewalkgg, the Kindle version is built as a FireOS app rather than an enhanced Kindle book. Amazon recently added support for “Enhanced” books in their store (that work in the Kindle app on iOS and Android) with audio/video so we plan to re-package Hooktheory I and Hooktheory II using this new approach. But that is a couple months off.

thank you for the response. I realize now that the audio is a factor.

I bought the web version and am enjoying it so far