I need to change the credit card you have on file

The credit card I use to pay for Hooktheory Plus has changed and I need to update it on your website. How do I do that?

This question was sent to us via email and we thought the answer (below) was useful enough to post to the forum

As of 2014.10.30 we haven’t implemented a full solution for changing the card on an active Plus membership, and we apologize for that. There is, however, a stop-gap solution which is to cancel your Plus membership, then sign up again using your new credit card.


  • Log in to Hooktheory
  • Hover over your account icon (top left) and click “Account”
  • In the “Receipts” area of the page, you will see a receipt for Hooktheory Plus with a red “Cancel” button. Click the “Cancel” button. Your Plus membership will remain active one month past the date of your last payment. Once this day passes, you will no longer have Plus status on Hooktheory and you can then re sign up for Plus using your new credit card.

You won’t be double charged. When you cancel, your status remains active into the future (for the full duration of the month you paid for with your last payment). Then once that day passes, you’ll login and realize you no longer have Plus status, at which point you can sign up again.

We apologize for this less than ideal workflow. We will enable people to change cards within a membership soon.