I need help with this progression

Hi there,

Can somebody help me with this chords please

I think it is Eb - dorian mode: III maj7, i 7, v 7, III maj7, i 7, ii 7
I can’t figure out last 3 chords…



It’s all in hookpad

Melody is not 100% correct but it will do the job… just missing last chord.


I’d put it in Bb minor: http://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/view/uE5PdUxJipeN

Thank you, this is a big help :smile:

I’m not shure about two chords: Db7sus4, Bbbmaj7 - where are they comming from ? Are they borrowed from other modes ?
I don’t know how to reproduce them in my hooktab…


You can borrow Db7sus4 from Phrygian. Bbbmaj7 is harder to get—you have to switch the tab itself to major, borrow the bVI chord from minor, and then switch the tab back to minor.

Thanks or you help :slight_smile: