I made a one time purchase and now I have to pay again

Hey, can anybody explain why I no longer have access to the book or hookpad+ as I made a one time purchase in 2018 and now I can no longer access this even though I was reading chapter 6 a month ago and now they’re forcing me to buy the book again?

hi @kyraguen
according to our records you signed up to use Hooktheory as part of the curriculum of a college course. $29.99 gets you a full year of Hooktheory Plus (which normally costs $50 on its own per year) plus the book for free during the course. Many apologies if that wasn’t made clear to you by the instructor. Are you still in the middle of the class?

That said, I’m happy to extend access to the book indefinitely (and have done so). You’re the first to have asked :slight_smile:

Let me know if our records are in error.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!