I just want to give you my sincerest thanks

I want to give a huge amount of thanks to both the creators of the Hooktheory website, as well as all the people who’ve put time and effort into putting songs up in the Theorytab section.

I’ve been trying for a long time to get a grasp on the music theory stuff and how to actually put it to use. I knew about most of the things, but I didn’t quite know how to connect the dots and fully use it.
So this past Friday I stumbled upon this website and I started looking at songs I knew. In the beginning I really didn’t have much of a clue what I was looking at. Well, I know about notes, scales, chords and the diatonic triads, but I didn’t know how it was connected.
So albeit a bit confused, I kept looking and listening… Decided to just pick songs I knew from the beginner category. Looked and listened some more… And about 3 hours later of that it finally clicked. My head was hurting, but I finally understood how these things were connected and how to use them.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy and excited I got. For so long I’ve been trying to make sense of it all, and then suddenly it all just fell into place. After I had calmed down a bit, I fired up my DAW, and started to work on that melody I had set out to create for a track I was working on.
An hour or so later I had a melody. A quite good one at that. I threw in some bits and pieces from the intro segment of the track, to give it some context and see how everything was working out. It wasn’t perfect, but it was way beyond what I’ve done previously - and I did it in about an hour! Listening to what I had just created I got even more excited about what had just happened.

Someone just handed me the keys to the kingdom.

I owe this in part to the creators of this site and all of you who’ve contributed to it, so a huge thank you goes out to each and everyone one of you. Thank you so much!

Just… Thank you!

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@viper glad you are finding the site useful! Indeed we owe a huge thanks to the many analyzers on the site for their contributions.


I now how you feel Viper :). This totally transformed my thinking in a big way. For me, the scale degrees and colors create a fantastic visual that standard notation just can’t beat. Hooktheory I is a great book and I can’t wait for Hooktheory II. The team is very helpful and full of knowledgable people when it comes to music theory and analyzing songs. I have just started contributing Hooktheory tabs and find if to be fun while improving my musicianship in many ways.