I just can't use it

I bought hookpad plus last week and I couldn’t use the PLUS features since them. My account says I’m a plus member but I can’t export, loop or anything that a plus member can. I mean, when could I use the whole thing? I don’t to be rude or anything but $4,99 is actually R$23,00 (I live in Brazil). Please, help me with that. Can I get a refund or at least get this tool working?

@ijorsias Sorry you haven’t been able to this working. I’m sending you an email separately to get some more information about what is going on and am happy to issue a refund if desired.


Yeah. The problem is that the free version is working (using another account I have in the same computer) but the plus doesn’t seem to be working. I do would like to have a refund if it’s possible since it’s been 10 days almost.