I can't sign up for HookPad Plus [Fixed]

I worked on a couple new MIDI chords, and I can’t export them because I guess I ran into a freebie limit. That’s cool, but the signup link (http://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/plus) just gets a 404 and Rick-Roll for the effort. :slight_smile: I was hoping to get the files so I could finish some homework for tonight. Any ideas on how to get signed up? I have the app on Android, but didn’t believe they were connected in any direct way, and other posts on here indicate an app for generating chords and melodies is coming.


@fauxfreshness, sorry about that. The plus trial limitation was pushed by mistake earlier today. Thanks for pointing that out. I just corrected it so things are back to normal. Once we launch Plus (this will happen soon!) we will persist unlimited exporting for people whose accounts were created before that date since we in general don’t believe in taking anything away from people. Cheers - Chris

Cool, thanks! I was ready to join up, since the “book” (Android app) is fantastic. Especially since it remembers where you’ve left off now… :wink:

@fauxfreshness, glad you love the book! We always appreciate reviews on the Google Play store if you have time. Cheers - Chris