I can't see the notes when i have too many lines

I made some lines of music but towards the bottom i wanted to keep adding more but the bottom just looks white. The music still plays but i can’t see what im making. I need help so i can finish my song. Please help as soon as possible, i dont want y mebership to run out. thank you :smile:

I need someone’s help please :frowning: there’s a glitch

Do you have screenshots?

Nope but it just looks white. maybe too many lines but what if i want my song long?

All I could recommend to you is to split your song into parts (intro, verse, chorus, etc), or use an actual music-making program like FL Studio or Musescore.

@ChangieMusic bigyihsuan is right. At the moment, Hookpad is meant to be used for small sections of music not for scoring entire songs in one long file (if you are running into an issue of seeing white space due to too many lines, you are also likely experiencing quite a bit of lag as well).

The idea is to use Hookpad as a sketchpad for the progressions/melodies of your verses/choruses which are in separate files much like the analyses in the Theorytab database.

Dave Carlton