I can't play the file because it says it may be in the incorrect format

I’m not sure why but when I export the song file it is unable to play. I have multiple songs actually that i would love to export and I don’t want my membership to end either. Please contact me as soon as possible I really need it. *the MIDI does work but I’d rather have the file not the MIDI.

Can you clarify which format are you trying to export to? It sounds like MIDI works. The other formats are different types of sheet music export which are pdfs


It’s the WAV file…the file just says that maybe the format is incorrect so when i try to play the song when the file is downloaded it doesn’t work. Answer back as soon as possible, thanks.

Any idea how i can get the WAV file to work?

Hi @ChangieMusic, what program are you using to play the wav file? Could you perhaps send your export to support@hooktheory.com so we can have a look?

Also, with the MIDI file, you can import into a DAW like GarageBand to adjust instruments and export to mp3 or wav that way as well.