I can't hear the drums in the band

I can hear all other instruments. When I export to midi, the drums are there (most of them, most of the time) but I can’t hear them in the hookpad interface. Absolutely love the product, by the way, drums or no drums. Great job!

I’m having this same issue.

Oh boy. I clicked on “Solution” because I thought this would give me the solution… no, the problem is not resolved.

Hi, thank you for your feedback! Here are a couple of tips which might help:

  1. Have you unmuted the drums in the band browser? Press ‘B’ to open the band browser and click on the speaker symbol in the drum channel.

  2. The drums might be muted in the Bus Mixer. To check, click on the Mixer button in the upper left corner and check if the ‘M’ in the drum channel is not red.

Please let me know if some of that helped.