I Can't Get The Thing To Scroll [Fixed]

I can’t scroll through my song, leaving me stuck on the first two lines. The playback is fine, I just can’t see anything.

You should be able to use the scroll wheel to go up/down. Is the scrollbar for vertical scrolling appearing?

Same problem. Scroll bar went missing…

the vertical scroll bar went missing. tested on Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, all not showing up. If there were too many lines, the ‘Band’ won’t be showing up as it was ‘stuck’ at the bottom and we can’t scroll down.

Hi All,
we’re not sure yet what is going on here and why this is only happening to some people (we can’t reproduce so details particular to your set up would be very useful). Did you update anything recently. What version of Chrome/Safari/etc. are you seeing this on. Mac or PC

Strangely it’s looking like it may not be related to OS or Browser (but still useful to know).

As @bigyihsuan suggested are you still able to scroll with your scroll wheel or with two finger scroll on the track pad? I’m trying to understand whether it is just a visual problem (no scroll bar) but scrolling still works internally.

Finally if anyone having the trouble is technical and can see anything in their browser’s developer console error logs that would also be helpful.

Sorry for the trouble. We’ll get to the bottom of this.


I’m having the same issue. No scroll bar and the scroll wheel on the mouse doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried it with Chrome Version 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 on a PC running Windows 10. Haven’t had the chance yet to try it with my MacBook. Thanks!

Confirming from Vivaldi (a Chromium) on Mac. Don’t have the exact version on hand right now, sorry.

I had the same issue on both chrome and firefox, but managed to fix it by adding the overflow-y: scroll property to the .app-content div (I made a tampermonkey script, but you can just do it in the developer console).

@vikomprenas thanks! Vivaldi reproduced the problem on our end ( we still don’t see the issues on the other browsers for some reason so this was very helpful).

@lucasj thanks for the report, your solution fixes the issue for me in the Vivaldi browser so I’m assuming it will also fix what you are seeing in your Chrome and Firefox. We still don’t know why this suddenly started happening to some but not all/most people (and on multiple browsers simultaneously when it does). We’re doing some quick checks to make sure this doesn’t mess anything else up but hope to have a fix live sometime tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience


Just a thought, has the stylesheet for the app been changed recently?

I’m just wondering if it’s possible you’re seeing a cached version in browsers you’ve been testing with already, which wouldn’t happen when using a new browser (i.e. Vivaldi). Might be worth trying it in incognito/private browsing if you haven’t already (or clearing the cache/hard reloading).

Edit: just noticed overflow-y: scroll adds an unnecessary extra scrollbar for me on chrome, still works, but overflow-y: auto is probably a better fix.

That stylesheet hadn’t changed recently, and in fact I checked out an older release of the code from several months ago before all this surfaced and the problem was also present (at least on vivaldi browser – that is only way I can reproduce any of this on my machine); so it doesn’t look to be related to a change we made.

We have pushed the fix today. It fixes the problem for us on Vivaldi. I am interested to see if this is resolved for those that were having the issue on other browsers as well.