I can't figure out how to input certain chords like the bii chord

Hi. I’ve been trying to learn about inputting chords into hookpad.

I want to input all 36 major/minor/diminished chords into one song. I see how you enter 32 of them, but I can’t figure out the last 4.

I’m doing this in C major.

I cannot figure out how to input bii (c# minor), bv (f# minor), bvi (g# minor), or a diminished iv (f diminished).

Is this possible? And if so, how?


All of those involve going into the relative modes of C, then finding the chord from the borrowed chords in those modes. It takes quite a bit of time if you don’t know what specific combination of modes yields the target in the main mode.

bii is definitely possible, I’ve seen bv looking for bii, and bvi and vio are possible.

For c#m and g#m, move to the relative locrian and borrow from major
For f#m, more to the relative locrian and borrow from minor
For f dim, move to the relative lydian and borrow from locrian