I cannot Import Midi into Ableton

Every time I try export the midi from Hook Theory and then import it into a midi tab in Ableton, it won’t let me. Am I doing something wrong here?

hi @toonsquad,

One problem that many users report is that Ableton doesn’t like midi files with 4-letter my_song.midi extensions. If this is the case for your file, try renaming it to the 3-letter version: my_song.mid

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EDIT: Renaming works.

Naming the file with three letters did not solve my importing the MIDI file into Ableton 11 Beta. This is my first day using the paid version of Hooktheory.

Downloaded MIDIYODI and it will export multiple midi tracks that Ableton accepts
-I sure would like to find a way to avoid this extra step in my work flow.

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We have not tested Ableton 11 yet, but will take a look to see what the problem is, thanks for the report

I have just tested importing a midi file into Ableton 11 and it worked, at least at my machine.

Have you tested importing other midi files? Would you mind providing us with the midi file that’s not working?

As stated above when I use MidiYodi then Ableton accepts the MIDI file.

Thank you for the file. I renamed it to .mid and it got accepted by Ableton.

But I think the more important question is why you got a .midi file after all. Hookpad should export only files with a .mid extension. Do you get a .midi everytime you’re doing a midi export?

I got it to accept the the renamed file as well. I think I was renaming incorrectly.

I’m glad you could work it out!