HTML5 or Anything Other Than Flash

Hi there, I love HookPad and up to a few minutes ago had a Plus account. Sadly I had to cancel my subscription because of Flash. The latest security vulnerability was the last straw for me and I uninstalled it for good. It’s sad to me that the technology upon which HookPad was built is dying, but it’s a reality.

Clearly, HTML5 would be a heck of a lot more difficult to target, but I implore you to look for another way.


Have you seen the Songtive project It has iOS/Android clients and HTML5 version of web editor is pretty advanced:

arlocito: I agree completely!!! Flash is absolutely horrible, but Hook Pad is awesome. Why did smart people from the Bay Area use 1990s technology to build Hook Pad? It doesn’t make any sense. I really hope they are rebuilding it in HTML 5. The only solution to the latest Flash security vulnerability is to completely uninstall Flash.

As the Hooktheory community, let’s keep up the pressure on Hooktheory to re-write Hookpad WITHOUT Flash. I have been paying customer since the first day they launched the premium service, and I LOVE it. But they are effectively putting my computer - and my online life - at risk by using Flash.

Anyone who feels the same way, please post here and email them at

Hooktheory: if you are listening to your customers please let us know 1. if you are planning to re-write Hookpad in HTML (or something without Flash) and 2. if your are not planning getting rid of Flash, why do you keep supporting Flash when it puts your customers at daily risk?



That way you should be able to implement more than 4 voices and more than 21 lines. I mean, I can work with that but it’s kinda limited.