HP2: Cannot copy-paste across voices

I’m attempting to copy a melody from voice 1 to voice 2.

I can copy-paste over top of voice 1 just fine. However, when I go into voice 2, when I try to paste, it nothing happens.

EDIT: This appears to happen when you select a TheoryTab, then do “Copy into Hookpad”. This will also prevent inputting anything into the other 3 voices manually.

Try turning line wrap off and ensuring the current band includes voice 2.

Line wrap is off, band has a Lead 2. It seems you can only place rests.

“Band has a Lead 2” does not mean voice 2 exists, it can also be there by simply selecting voice 2. You have to explicitly select an existing band with Lead 2.

This is still occurring. However, I have narrowed down the issue to the following:

  1. Make a selection that contains a line break.
  2. Copy.
  3. Switch to a different voice.
  4. Attempt to paste. Nothing will be pasted.

@bigyihsuan what input mode are you in? In normal mode where notes can overwrite I actually can’t reproduce this. If you are in “text” mode where notes shift over to make room for notes, then I do see you can’t paste. There are more restrictions when in text mode; we assume lines are independent and that you wouldn’t in general want to paste notes that would cause things to your entire melody across your whole to shift in a potentially cascading overflow across all the lines and potentially have everything misaligned to your chords (misalignment can only occur within a line). I’m betting it’s related to this, though need to see if it’s a bug or not.


Text mode (the old mode), yes.

I’ll add some more context to this. I’ve found the following: If active voice is 1 and I have melody in voice 1 and I do a measure-level selection -> copy -> change active voice to 2 -> paste, the melody is pasted into voice 1.

But if instead I do a 2D drag of notes in the note staff (not a measure level selection) and do copy -> switch active voice -> paste, it pastes to the new active voice.

2.12.11 has new measure-level voice copy buttons that allow preserving or disregarding voice information on paste. This allows a voice to be copy/pasted to a different voice at the measure level. 2D drag select also allows pasting across voices.