How would you treat this chord progression?

Hello everybody,
I need some help in understanding a chord progression that I wrote by ear for the bridge of a song.
It sounds pretty familiar to me, anyway I can’t understand “why” and the theory behind it.
Chords are taken, at the beginning, from the key of B minor (natural):
G Maj | G Maj | e min | e min DMaj-AMaj/C# | G Maj | G Maj | bmin | bmin
G Maj | G Maj | e min | e min DMaj-AMaj/C# | C Maj | C Maj | BMaj | D7
Now, of course the first line is a classic: I Maj | vi min | I Maj | iii min
In the second line, instead, there’s a chromatic descent from AMaj/C# to CMaj, that leads to a modulation.
Also, the BMaj sounds like a B7 to me.
How should I treat the C Maj | B Maj | D7 part? It doesnt’ sound as a modal interchange to me.
Please help, thanks