How would you analyse a B°/C in C minor tonality?

Hello, I couldn’t figure out how to encode this chord in the verse of Elton John’s “Tonight” hooktab. I Had the same problem with Em/A that I found in the Intro.

Do I miss something ? The Em/A could be seen as a Em13 without the third, but it seems to be impossible to set inversions with embellishments.

Any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @laurentveliscek, you’re not missing anything. Unfortunately at this time Hookpad does not support notating chords like this. Technically this chord is using “pedal harmony”: the bo/C is functioning as a bo with a “pedal” C. There are “hack” ways of getting this chord out of Hookpad… for example, borrowing a i11 from the harmonic minor mode (or major mode) then omitting the 3 and 5 will correctly sound this chord, although this is a somewhat ridiculous way of annotating this chord, which is really functioning more like a viio. Since the goal of a theorytab is to capture the function of the chord progression I would suggest that until Hookpad adds pedal harmony, that viio is probably the most faithful analysis supported.

Thanks Ryan !

This place is an heaven for learning.

So bad even in hookpad, you cannot set a B°/C (the “bass set” popup doesn’t allow any chord nor any bass).

I changed V to vii° (you’re absolutly right), as it is much more close from the “real chord” color.

Thanks again :slight_smile: