How to write Ab/Gb (Ab chord with Gb in the bass)?

How to write Ab/Gb chord into Hookpad if using Db Major Scale in Hookpad?

An Ab with a Gb in it is a V7 chord. Gb is the seventh so you want an inversion, in this case third inversion. To add this chord, click the 7 check box and change the inversion option to 3rd and add a 5 chord. Hookpad will notate this a V42.


Hi Dave, thank you for the hint and your quick reply - helped a lot!
Thanks to Hooktheory, I discovered that music theory (which I hated while being a schoolkid) is actually very cool & funny.

Could you please teach me how to write B/Db in Hookpad as well?

Best Regards, Lubo.

in the key of Db you can get a Bbm/Db chord by inverting a vi chord. It’s first inversion so vi6


Thanks, I read about chord inversions just this weekend and plan to get your next book soon :slight_smile:
Got question, why Hooktheory II is so expensive compared to Hooktheory I in Android Store?

as a percentage it’s not that much more. The book is more than twice as long and we think the value is worth it.