How to use Voices

I am not sure how to use the voice feature. I have been able to play around with a few but most of them to my ear sound so ugly I choose not to use them. I see that guitar is being worked on, but I thought I saw somewhere you could use violins and I can’t find it. Made me wonder if I was missing something. The documentation for this was very minimal and I did not really get it. I had to figure out myself that I had to go to mix, etc. What about the template area on the left, what is that? I feel I am missing a lot of information.


Sorry it was confusing for you. The documentation for these features is present here (for using multiple voices):

and here (for the mixing and changing of instruments including info about templates):

Did these areas answer your questions? If not, let me know what is confusing. We definitely want to make the documentation accessible and easy to understand.


Tricking People to believe, the software is free. I wasted my time in signing up.