How to use inversions on a sus4 chord?

Everytime I have a sus4 chord in the editor, it wont let me do any inversions, but ive seen other people do it so just wondering how to?


Inversions of sus4 chords in Hookpad were disabled when sus2 was introduced to the editor. They are usually used to substitute for extended chords when the perfect fifth would cause dissonance (e.g. I46sus4 in C Major for F/G, V24sus4 for F6/9), but they are also valid per se (e.g. ii47-6 - I6 = Gsus4/D - G/D - C/E).

It is unknown whether the Hooktheory staff will treat inverted sus4 chords as corrupt data in the future.

@HertzDevil By corrupt data, you’re referring to how polyphonic hookpads can no longer be saved?

Yes. This is true since an update of Hookpad 1.1.2.