How to use hookpad as standalone offline windows app

Hello, I am using chrome and looking for a way to have it work like a standalone app


Unfortunately, it can’t work as an offline app - and I am sure that a developer will be along soon to say that they have no plans to facilitate that - particularly with the imminent release of the AI feature “Aria” which will be highly dependent on constant interaction with users to improve its suggestions _ and this can only be accomplished if you are “online”.


You can install it as an Chrome App at your computer by opening Hookpad Chrome and the finding the “Install Hookpad” button somewhere near your url. You won’t be able to reach your songs offline but every instrument you once loaded will be cached on your storage so after loading all instruments once you will be able to open and save your song from/to your disk even when you’re offline. Off course you won’t be able to use Aria offline as it’s working on our servers.

So to summarize you can use parts of Hookpad offline, but the best experience is to use it online. If you want to get rid of all the menus, tabs etc. of your Chrome browser you can install the app. It will still use Chrome under the hood but with a much sleeker design.

Please let me know if this helped.