How to use a band in a song on several places in the song

In a song I have several parts. like intro, verse1, chorus1, verse2, chorus2.
i have band 1 in the intro, band 2 in verse 1, band 3 in chorus1, that is easy to realize.
Now i want band 2 also to appear in verse 2, and band 3 in chorus 2.
But how can I do that?
I automatically get band 4 in verse 2 (right after chorus 1). But i want band 2 to appear there. Is the only way to look at band 2 instruments and settings and change them manually in band 4 so I get here band 2?

I now see that i can save band 2 as a template for example with the name “band 2”. Then I go to verse 2 and click on band 4, then chose template “band 2”. This works, but is this the best way to do?
I think i can later delete the “band 2” template otherwise it can get crowded in the template area.

Yes, that’s one way to do that. You can also click on the band 2 band marker press “C” for copy and then select the band 4 marker and press “V” to paste the settings. Unfortunately there is no way to link band markers right now. You still have to do that manually.

Thank you for this tip. It works nicely, and is better than what i did. Because i can keep my preferred band templates list small, and use them between various projects.