How to synch youtube with hookpad chords

how we can synchronize the youtube video playback with the chords i put on hookpad for a song ?

If you mean syncing the RHYTHM of the chords, I don’t think I can help you. The chord instrument (Harmony instrument) doesn’t save when submitting a project, and using the chord placement itself to replicate the chord rhythm is generally frowned upon, to my knowledge.

You’re wondering how to line up a Youtube video with your composition so you can transcribe the song, little by little, correct?

Here are the instructions.

Hooktheory put together this video showing you how to dictate a song: Loading and synchronizing a YouTube video in the Hooktheory Music Editor - YouTube

There is a trick, however, to getting the Youtube video to sync on Hooktheory, without endlessly queuing. You need to right-click over the video thumbnail on Youtube and copy that link. That’s different, for some reason, than copying the URL or the ‘share’ link. Don’t know why, it just works.

Then, once you’ve got the Youtube video added to Hooktheory, you need to add the correct number of bars to the composition, to sync up the timing.

This is tricky. But I figured out a good way to do it.

Let’s say I was transcribing the alphabet song, and it was 20 measures, just to make things easy.

If I added 30 measures in Hookpad, then, when I click on the 20th measure in my composition and hit ‘P’, to play the sync’ed video, I won’t be on the letter Z.
That’s because my tempo would be 50% faster, since the play-head needs to travel more distance in the time between the video start and stop, meaning I would be somewhere on R, S, T.

[Note: BPM doesn’t work until you hit the space bar and play your composition. You set that by comparing the Youtube video and your composition]

So then, what you do to sync things up is keep deleting measures until, when you click on the 20th measure and hit ‘P’, you hear the letter Z.

Then, last of all, you use the ‘fine tuning’ on the start of the video, like it shows you how to do in the instructional video. This helps you get the timing on your notes to really line up.

At least this is what I’ve found in other’s posts that really helped me out.