How to Set Default File? Also "Add a YouTube" Doesn't Work

Default File/Song Option?

No matter how many times I make a shortcut in Chrome to a song just edited, every time I go back to Hookpad, it opens a much older–in fact the very first song I created and saved.

Hookpad does save settings such as Dark mode but does not remember what I worked on last.

The shortcut name IS the chosen song, but Hookpad defaults to the older one. I have to go to File and open the song I want every time.

This is frustrating.
How to fix?

“Add a YouTube” Video Never Loads

It works fine when opening in the generic Hookpad for a chosen song, such as “The Crown” by Hans Zimmer.

But when I open it in my own Hookpad (web, not local), even with the Settings/Attach a YouTube, is just hangs.

In the example given here, I didn’t change the key or anything else as far as I recall from the original, so it should load and sync.

Again, what is the fix? Or is this a known bug?