How to search: Ornithology


How would I go about searching the TheoryTab database for songs that use the same chord progression as Ornithology (which is the same as How High the Moon)?

Notice how the progression starts on I Maj7 and then proceeds to I min7 - IV 7. If I just want to search on that fragment progression (those first 4 bars), it is not clear to me that such is currently possible in the TheoryTab database.

While such things are often thought of as :“changing key” (in this case, starting in G and moving to F), that is merely a way of thinking.

In fact, we have 12 tones, any of which can be a root, and chords built upon those 12 roots can be of any quality (e.g. maj, min, dom, dim).

Surely we would like to see the TheoryTab database accomodate the full range of possibilities for such searches.

If it’s possible, please let me know how to do it (because I don’t see Im7 anywhere, even under the Other button).

If it is not currently possible, please consider this a feature request. (It’s pretty important, IMO).

Many thanks!

The whole progression looks like a bunch of ii V I (so the Gm7 C7 Fmaj7 could be a ii7 V7 I7 in the key of F)
It could be possible to find songs that have the same chord progression if they mind updating the TheoryTab Trends

Sure, you can find 2-5-1 's, but it’s more the I maj7 - i min 7 that I’m looking for in this case.

For now, the I7 to i7 is not searchable with the theorytab trends but you can make a request for an updates (or if you just want a major to minor chord feel, you can always try with the IV7 to iv7 hahaa)

Ha, yes, there are quite a few of those!

I really do like the TheoryTab database alot. It is a really unique resource and I hope it can receive more attention in the future and continue to evolve in multiple ways.

@sj1, glad you like the Theorytab database!

There’s a couple of ways you can search for progressions directly. If you want to search for the exact chords as written, you can do so in the Theorytab search, using absolute or relative notation:


This feature isn’t foolproof, but we’re working on making it better.

@ririrz, we’ve been working hard on an update to trends and should have it release next week. You’ll be able to search in specific keys as well as specific scales (rather than having all data transposed and aggregated)


Great, looking forward to trying it


BTW, is there a Release Notes topic for Theorytab DB/Trends?

If not, perhaps one could be created when the next update is released.