How to make Cadd(#9) chord

I think the 7th chird alterations (b9, b13 etc) should be available for triad chords. In the meantime how to do Iadd#9?

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change the key to relative phrygian and borrow VIadd9 from harmonic minor then switch the key back to original

You mean VI(add9), right?

Alternatively you can change the key to relative locrian and borrow II(add9) from phrygian dominant.

yes, I got it confused. Thanks for the correction

You can also search up I(#9) but it wont let you do inversions because the chord is glitched

Yes there‘s something funny going on with the inversions. Thank you for bringing this up! I think it should either have no inversions or the correct ones.
We‘ll have a look at this.