How to make 12/8 key meter

how to write key other things than a 4 key meter

You can select a different meter with a click on the meter button.

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ok but how to set 12/8 key

there is no way to setup 12/8 meter

12/8 by clicking on the 12 option, and selecting the 3 option for the grouping.


ok … why the grouping = 3 ? i do not figure out why and how to setup keys can you please dimistify this for me ?

The grouping is kind irrelevant for the meter itself but more a question of how those meters are perceived. If you have a grouping of 1 you’ll hear 12 metronome counts per bar, with a grouping of 3 you’ll hear only 4 metronome counts per bar as every three quarters are grouped together. As the tempo of the metronome stays the same, a grouping of 3 will give you thrice the speed.

With thrice the speed you will tend to hear it more like ONE two three Four five six SEVEN eight nine Ten eleven twelve which is typically for a 12/8 meter while with the slower grouping of one you will more likely hear each beat as a strong down beat like ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX etc… which would typically be more of a 12/4 meter. That’s why the grouping of 3 is helpful to define 12/8 meter.