How to load in a youtube video?

I wanted to come back to Hooktab and subscribe - but the button to load youtube videos has vanished! I did the latest upgrade…maybe that was a mistake. This used to a work!

Can anybody clue me in on the current steps to load in a YouTube video to extract the chortds, analyze etc.

Thank you!


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At the top of the screen go to preferences and then scroll down to attach a Youtube video and turn that on.

Then it will prompt you to enter the URL of the Youtube video (copy and paste it in).

To create a perfect video sync:

  1. Drag these two lines with the circles on top so that the part of the song you want analyzed is between them.

  2. Select the “Set start/end” button and then hit the red play button. Once you hear the song reach the part that you are analyzing, press the left bracket key “[”. Once it reaches the end of the part you want to be analyzed, hit the right bracket key “]”.

  3. After this you will have to fine-tune the sync so that the song matches perfectly with the melody. To do this, change from the “Set start/end” button to the “Test the sync button” and then hit the red play button to check the sync.

  4. If the video and melody don’t line up, use the + and - buttons for the start/end and make sure that it starts exactly on beat one (I usually listen to the chord that plays on beat one and make sure I hear it play fully) and then make sure that it ends exactly before you hear beat one (before you hear the chord progression start again/the next chord play in the part you don’t want).

  5. If it still doesn’t line up after that; make sure that you have the tempo for the song correct. To find the tempo of the song, hit the red play button again and then go up to tempo and then hit “set tempo by tapping” and press the q button on every beat. Enter the tempo that you get as a result and then it should line up.

After all of that, you will get something like this:
(scroll down to solo section)

In your picture 3, you have loaded the chords etc into Hookpad from youtube.
When I do it, the song loads (I have the play button below) but there are no chords or notes loaded. Does this only work with the paid version? I have the free right now.



Just got the paid version. Same problem - how do you get the music chords and notes to load from a youtube video link? The song plays in Hooktab, but I don’t get the chords and notes. Thanks.

Edit: I must have been remembering importing theory tabs. If there is a way to directly import from YouTube without going through the theory tabs steps, please let us know.


No matter what version of Hookpad you have, you have to listen to the music and figure out the chords/notes yourself. It never writes down the harmony/melody by analyzing the video. If that was a feature it would be cool, but I bet it would be nearly impossible to program and would probably be really inaccurate.