How to input Non-Diatonic chords? (those not available from 'Borrowed')


How do you input chords that are not in the diatonic (or even Borrowed Chord ) options?

i.e., I’m trying to write out the progression to Herbie Hancock’s ‘Cantaloupe Island’ , which is in the key of F minor, but has a flatted sixth chord (Dflat7 sharp 11) - which I can’t get from any of the modes or ‘Borrowed’ or modal menus.

Thanks for letting me know if this is not possible or if it is possible, how you do this.


The flatted bVI7 chord (dominant) lives in the Locrian mode, so you can borrow it from there. The #11 isn’t currently supported, but will be a feature that is added in the new version of Hookpad

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Thanks Ryan for - I missed the Locrian option.

Yes - more accidentals please in future versions.
Also - will it be possible as some point to type in chords so we can go really wild with our progressions?

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