How to input a fully diminished vs. half diminished 7th?

Hello all,

How do you input a fully dim vs half dim 7 chord?

Also, anyone know a quick way to enter in Aug 6th chords?


Not 100% sure what you mean but if it means how to put a fully dim7 chord instead of half dim, borrow vii°7 from harmonic minor or iii°7 from Phrygian Dominant

To get stuff like #iv°7, set scale changes to relative, change to Mixolydian, borrow #vii°7 from harmonic minor then change back to major

You can’t really do that so I use workarounds:

Italian: borrow bVI7(no5) from Locrian

French: borrow bVI7(#11) from Locrian

German: borrow bVI7 from Locrian

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Appreciated greatly! Do you know if the chord search pallet supports searching for arbitrary dim chords and whether there is specific notation for that?

I will be writing this all down somewhere for quick reference…