How to get Esusb2/F# and B°susb2/C# in the new hookpad

So I’m just challenging myself to get several types of chords (e.g. major, minor, diminished, maj7no3 etc) with every bass note (e.g. to get major with a bass of b5/#4, make #ivø7sus2). I’m stuck on getting a °susb2 chord with a bass note of 2 (major second) and a susb2 chord with a bass note of 2 (major second)

Specifically I’d like to know how to get these notes with the bass notes of the bracketed notes:

E F B (F# or Gb or Ex)

B C F (C# or Db or Bx)

Also if the chord is voiced differently (e.g. one note is higher by an octave) I’m okay

The first one (in a major key) is bvii6b9b5sus2 in the chord search tool, the second one is iv64sus4#11. Transpose or copy across relative keys to get the same chord in different keys.