How to get chord progression from guitar into Hookpad

This came in via email

I’ve chords progressions created on guitar, can I play these into Hookpad via midi, and then play around with creating melodies?

Hookpad can’t listen to you play guitar and automatically populate the chords based on what it hears. To get your guitar chord progression into Hookpad first you need to figure out the key you are in. Once you have that, you can put Hookpad into that key and then most of the chords you are playing will show up in the GUI. Hookpad is scale / key centric so the idea of being in a key is fundamental to how things are entered in. It isn’t designed to allow you to to enter chords by name without the larger context of the key / scale you are composing in.

Once the chord progression is in, yes Hookpad can help you pick a nice melody to go along with it. In “Settings” click “show chord compatibility guides” and use the suggested notes as a guide and you will have a good start to a great melody.

Figuring out what key you are in based on a set of chords you happen to be playing requires more explanation. If you need help with that, I’m happy to help. You could post your chord progression and I can help you figure out what key it is in and what it is in relative notation. For example G C D C would be IIVVIV in the key of G major.

I hope this helps. If it doesn’t feel free to ask clarifying questions.