How to enter this chords in this sequence in hookpad+


how i can put this progression in hookpad?

G A C E (G is lowest note) maybe Am7
E G B D (E is lowest note) maybe Em7
D F A C (D is lowest note) maybe Dm7

is this somehow wrong? sounds good to me

Thanks a lot

@feller, the answer will depend on the key you are in.

If you are in the key of C major.

the first chord is an Am7 in 3rd inversion which is a vi42 chord. Add a six chord, make it a 7th chord and then change the inversion to 3.

The Em7 would be a iii7 chord and the Dm7 chord is just a ii7 chord.

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thanks a lot for fast reply…
i made like you described but don’t sounds and don’t looks like this progressioni in picture
what i’m doing wrong?

huge thanks

Typically we specify a chord, the bass notes need to be the lowest note (dicated by the inversion) but there is a lot of freedom in what order and octave the other notes go (and which ones are doubled when there are multiple instruments). This is called the “voicing”. Hookpad follows basic voicing rules to try to make a pleasing sound. Often (on keyboard instruments at least), we try to minimize the distance between notes in neighboring chords. Book I goes into more detail on this and you can also google “voice leading” to find out more.


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ok thanks
so there isn’t any way to make exactly same descending chord progression?

you could do it directly with by using polyphony to manually enter in all the notes in the exact positions instead of using the chord palette for input (polyphony requires Hookpad+ though).


Thanks I have it…
Btw I didn’t understud voicing can be totally changed but chord still the same
Now I understand this kind of analysis of songs