How to enter m#7 Chords?

The chorus of Bread by If uses a vi♯7 chord, and i♯7 and iv♯7 are available in harmonic minor and phrygian dominant, but I can’t figure out how to access any beyond those three.

Searching for f#m/E# produces no results. The only ones I can find by searching are the aforementioned i♯7 and iv♯7.

How can the rest be entered? How was this vi♯7 entered?

Screenshot 2024-04-17 224102

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not a music theory person - but wouldn’t a “sharp seventh” (in some cases might be called “augmented”) be enharmonically equivalent to an octave?

Only for I and IV in major (III and VI in minor). All other diatonic chords have a minor seventh. I’m specifically looking for minor chords with a ♯7.

EDIT: I guess these are also known as minor major seventh chords, and a more common notation is probably mM7 or mΔ7.

Side note - I found another song with one, Something by The Beatles. Still a vi though.

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yes, minor chords can have a major 7th as well as a minor 7th.

In the standard diatonic modes, there are only minor minor 7ths. In the harmonic minor scale, there is one minor major 7th. There are only two harmonic minor modes available in Hookpad, so only two minor major 7th chords are accessible. How does one find the other 10?

you get them by switching to a different key and then entering iv♯7 or i♯7, and then switching back to your desired key (using the relative option). Can take a bit of trial and error.

For example, to get a vi♯7 in F Major, you’d switch to A Phrygian (the relative Phrygian), enter iv♯7 , and then switch back to the relative major (which of course is F major).


Nice, that works, thanks! I’d forgotten there was a relative option there.

I wasn’t sure at first that all of them were accessible in this way, but switching back and forth between relative and parallel caused some flats to show up. I’ll have to play around with it some more but I think I can find them all now with a bit of fiddling.

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