How to Enter Flat 2nd in Chord

I have a chord progression and the flat 2nd in the chord is crucial. Is there any way to enter this? For example I have an Eb major with an E natural in the voicing. Thanks! :blush:

I’m not a music theory expert, but if you could borrow bII from the Phrygian mode under the Non-diatonic column.

Hmm, perhaps we’re thinking two different things. That’d give a IIb chord, where I just need the flat 2nd scale degree to appear in the II chord.

You are asking for an added minor ninth chord (e.g. the chord consisting of E♭ - G - B♭ - F♭ = E♭(add♭9)), or the chord on the supertonic with the bass lowered (e.g. the chord F♭ - A♭ - C = F♭+ in the key of E♭ Major), or even the supertonic chord containing also the E note in E♭ Major (e.g. the chord F - A♭ - C - E = FmM7). None of these is possible.

In short, impossible… lol, thanks :smile:
What a shame with all the Jazz out there using the flatted 9th