How To Download HookPad?

Hey guys, are you able to download HookPad as an App? So i dont have to go on the website all the time to open it up?

It depends on what OS platform you are using. For Windows 10, it’s possible to use new Edge (Chromium Edge) to basically cache the entire web app to your desktop to be launched as if it were a program. It does work offline, really well. You only have to launch Edge for the occasional update which takes only a minute.

If you open in Edge, then Settings, Apps, then Install, it will then install itself to your desktop and start menu. I just have it pinned to my taskbar because I use Hookpad almost every day.

If you’re using it on iOS (like on an iPad) it doesn’t quite cache it the same way but offers similar ease of use. If you open in Safari, then Share and Add to Home Screen, it’ll be added to your home screen and can be dragged around like any other app.

Other platforms may have similar things you can do so you could have a poke around if you’re mainly a user of a different platform.