How to delete measures in hookpad?

Hello, just getting started with hookpad, cannot see how to delete measures. If I have 16 measures in the tune, and want to completely delete measure 5-8 so then measure 9 becomes measure 5 is there a way to do that?

thank you

Hi, you can select a measure by clicking on the top region of the measure itself, where the numbers are. You can also select multiple measures by holding you mouse clicked and dragging over multiple measures there.
If one or more measures are selected you’ll see a new interface where one option is to remove those measures.

Please let m know if that helped.


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Thank you for that I see it now, cheers

@DSchwachhofer @Soundoferror, do either of you have suggestions for making this more obvious? I’ve honestly struggled with this particular part of the UI for years. Basically “measure operations”. I feel like they aren’t obvious enough. If either of you have ideas, would love to see them.

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If you compare it to what you would do in a DAW, we have one problem: We have no boxes of regions which contain audio or midi events, we have just the events. So you can’t click on any regions. But what you can do in a DAW is click on an empty part of your project and draw a window over some regions which then get selected.

Perhaps we could have something similar. Click on any of the white space and draw a window over some bars which then get selected and bring up the measure operations window.

Thank you, this was EXTREMELY hard to find.