How to change You Tube URL

The guy who posted Anna Begins from Counting Crows used a URL with a live version of the song. The singer is known for dragging out notes during live performances in a way that makes timing in a theory tab impossible.

I’m trying to change he URL to the recorded version. There’s no way to do it, and there’s no way to contact the author of the theory tab. And the app won’t let me post a new tab. What do I do???

All you need to do is open the tab, change the Youtube link, and save it (with any other changes you make).

Link to the TheoryTab?

That was a frustrating “answer.” I said there was no way to do it, and you responded by saying ‘just do it,’ without ever saying how to do it. There is no button to allow a user to do this. Which is why I asked the question. Can you please tell me how to actually do it?

Also, I keep trying to post the link to the theory tab, and I keep getting a pop-up that says “Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.” For some reason, Vaz123 was able to post the identical link above. Can you tell me why he/she can post the link, and I can’t? I literally cut and pasted the link that they posted, and I keep getting the pop-up.

Anyway, it’s link that Vaz123 posted.

Click on the section header and the link to edit the tab will appear:


Again, I know that I am supposed to edit the You Tube link. All you just told me was how to get to the edit page. Still, no one is telling me how to change the link to the You Tube page.

Go to Settings -> Project Settings -> Attach a YouTube.

@chris I was going to reply with the user guide but apparently it hasn’t been updated since 2.1.0 so YouTube analyses are “not yet supported”. Would you take a look?