How to add a note to existing chord?

I want to add a “C” note to the B7 chord as shown in the first screenshot. If I select the flat 2, it adds it but drops the 5th degree (F#). In other words, Hookpad only keeps 3 notes in the treble clef. I want 4 notes in the treble clef (in this example that would be A, C, D#, F#) and of course 1 note in bass (B).

  1. We should have option to add more notes to the treble clef
  2. We should have option to rearrange chords notes around, as well as add or delete notes from chord.

Is this possible? If not can you add these two features? And if so when would they be available (expected feature release date)?

Thank you

@darchcruise, the voicing that Hookpad uses depends on the instrument that you’ve selected. The default Piano instrument uses a 3-note RH voicing, which will prioritize the 3rd, 7th, and 9th for a V7(♭9) chord. If you want a full chord voicing, you can choose the instrument “Piano Full Chords” and you’ll get all the tones as shown here:

You can also adjust the register of the voicing using the octave slider in the band browser. You cannot arbitrarily add or remove notes from a chord, since this would change the spelling of the chord. You can, however make alterations to the chord using the add/omit checkboxes in the chord inspector.

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Thank you - this works. I appreciate it.