How to add a C6 chord?

I’m trying to add a C6 chord into a progression that is most likely in the key of G. I can’t find C6 even in borrowed chords. Actually I can’t find any 6 chords. Are they not there? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Are you looking for an inverted chord? Because that’s an inverted chord and there’s an entire column of options to make a chord inverted.

Also, your notation is confusing. Are you looking for a chord with C as the lowest note, or a C chord in first inversion?

I’m looking for C6/A (A C E G) in key of G major. I’m approximating with C major chord and it’s fine . But if you can tell me how to get that inverted sixth please do! It probably doesn’t fit theoretically so isn’t there, but I liked how it sounded on guitar and wanted to try it.

You could just use an Am7 chord instead of C6/A.

In Hookpad, sometimes you have to be creative to get the chords you want.

Well that makes more sense anyway… Thank you!