How do you move melody notes, without the entire progression shifting?

When I write a melody and I need to go back and edit it, if I change one note, the entire progression is forced to move out of place. If there a way to keep it all in place, without the whole melody shifting over? I just want to add / subtract one note, but every time I do that, I have rot manually go back and fix the whole line. Thanks

@boac, it is not possible to do this due to the way the current interface is designed (flowing text metaphor). Best option now is to select the note you want to change and edit it directly (click a note from the GUI to change its scale degree; use up/down arrows). Hookpad 2, which we are working on now, is planned to have customizable entry options so you will have more control over how notes are entered and how things shift/move when notes/chords are deleted. Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris (or any other HookPad rep). I’m a new (paying) user and I’m wondering about the same thing. I wrote a melody and then tried to get back and change the length of some notes or insert new notes into the existing melody. I couldn’t do it. The melody shifts no matter what I do. Is there a solution that will allow me to change lengths of notes and insert new notes into an existing melody? I hope someone will be able to help. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to Hooktheory!

Please go to the preferences tab and check your entry mode.

Make sure to select “Table” an after that you should be able to write notes in the middle of a melody.

Please let me know if that helped!


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