How do you do it? fast

:no_mouth: As a newcomer to trying out, ‘Dictation,’ I was amazed at the speed of some at completing the task!?

It takes me a long time to work out the sequences, but I now capture the video and then play it back… using QuickTime, or VLC etc… section by section, slowing it down and working at it bit by bit.

I think some of these options would be good to incorporate into the Dictation interface.

To me it seems it should be more about getting the sequence correct, than doing it faster than someone else… A challenge to get it correct… yes! but a competition to beat others in doing so?

As a primary school teacher… it has always been my goal to promote individual success and that has to be a the individuals’ level…

Dictation has a lot going for it and it could be a whole lot more as a teaching and learning aid.

Or… maybe, it is just that I would never beat you folk in a Dictation Challenge!? :smirk: