How do people make these 32nd notes?

Someone (Vaz123) made a contribution with 32nd notes? In one version with 100 bpm there was 16th notes but the next version had 200 bpm and somehow the 16th notes got converted into 32nd notes.

also this project be weird

I’ve wondered about this as well. I tried copying some notes and editing their durations in a text editor, but when I try to paste it back in all I get is “Your clipboard does not contain valid Hookpad data”. Could you provide a link to that TheoryTab?

The JSON data found in the clipboard has a key called fp that appears to be a hash of some sort signing the clipboard contents. It is probably used as a quick check to make sure the data hasn’t been tampered with and is therefore valid. If someone figures out how to calculate a new hash, I bet this technique could be used to get notes of all different durations.

I found out how it works using the triplet glitch. You create a triplet and slowly get another note and move it into the triplet until it creates a really small note. do not release the note inside the triplet or hookpad will snap it back and break the entire project. Instead, while holding the note inside the triplet, press “S”, which saves the project with the 32nd or 64th notes. I made projects using this glitch here:

Onestop-mid by Microsoft Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory this is first the theorytab i saw with the 32nd notes

also you have to move the whole project to move the 32nd notes or 64th into a desired position

Thanks for following up, nice to know how its done. It looks like you can move them using the nudge controls too. I probably won’t use this much though - they are so fragile!

That Onestop song is crazy! Truly a one stop shop for all your key signature needs.

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