How do I turn my great intros and chord progressions in fully developed songs?

I have a bunch of great intros and chord progressions; I have trouble taking the ideas I have from intros and buildup ideas into fully developed songs?

Any one have any suggestions on turn these into full arranged songs!?

Thanks in advance?

Some things you might consider …

  1. Find a muse (a muse represents the ‘higher self’ or creative force within you; but do not destroy your muse with lust.)
  2. Watch Song Writing Workshop with Larry Dvoskin
  3. Male song writers might find it useful to ‘feel’ the melody before modifying it rationally; whereas female song writers might find it useful to work out the melody fist before modify it emotionally.

(I’ve never enjoyed any commercial success, but I love my own songs: something I could never achieve with my oil painting :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun!