How do I stop it from playing or trying to play a YouTube video

I don’t know how it happened; but, my Hookpad editor is trying to play a YouTube video that just doesn’t even exist; and I’d like that to stop. But, I can’t find any commands to get rid of this, stop it, delect the selected video, change the selected video… or anything else that will make it stop playing… OTHER THAN pause, which obviously doesn’t do any, even the button still sits there and spins… Which is very irritating. I’m thinking I need to save a song as a JSON file, and search that file for some line where it’s choosing to play that video and see if I can get rid of that line.
This is a pure act of desperation. lol


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I have the same problem. No idea how to solve it

Go to preferences -> Attach YouTube and unselect. This will unmount the YouTube. We really need the delete button in the YouTube sync GUI again. I’ll add this to our internal feature list.

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